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Why Get Pro SMART?

Pro SMART wants you and your organisation to reduce your corporate amnesia. You already have the foundations. Let us help you build on them and develop a strategy that will better retain and leverage your corporate wisdom.
Capture & Reutilize IP

Capture and retain key project insights. Facilitate simplification of knowledge transfer. Leverage previous investments to gain greater value.

Continuous Improvement

Drive a culture of improvement and instantly apply lessons learned to frameworks, rules and policies to all projects.

Strong Foundations

Quickly establish a strong project foundation based on your best practices through application of scenario based indexing.

Consistent application

Drive quality through consistent application of methods and practices via systematic application.

Holistic knowledge strategy

To reduce your corporate amnesia and create more value from your knowledge you need to have a holistic strategy in place that incorporates your entire ecosystem

ProSMART will work with you to understand your organisation and develop a strategy for retaining, managing and using your knowledge to achieve your desired outcomes. As part of your Knowledge Strategy you may incorporate the ProSMART platform, design to utilise your prior experience and methods to quickly and easily kick start a project or activity. We want you to think differently about the value of reusing prior investments to deliver high quality, low cost and low risk outcomes in the future.

  • Tools

    You need to have the right tools to best retain and apply your knowledge. The ProSMART Platform is a great foundation.

  • People

    Recent studies show that overall work experience is deteriorating. Help your people feel more valued.

  • Process

    We will help you define new processes to align to your new ways of working.

  • Culture

    Effective knowledge transfer results in a 35% improvement in project outcomes

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