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Project Knowledge Automation

Your collective knowledge and experience is the answer you have been looking for
Pro SMART Tools

is an online cloud based project automation tool that effectively utilises prior project experience and methods to quickly and easily kick start a project. It will change the way you think about project value and reusing prior investments to deliver high quality, low cost and low risk projects.

  • let's look at some statistics
  • 64% Meeting Goals

    Only 64% of projects are said to be meeting their goals

  • 11% waste

    Approx 11% of project budgets is wasted due to poor project performance

  • 35% increase

    Effective knowledge transfer results in a 35% improvement in project outcomes

What is Pro SMART Tools?

Pro SMART Tools® aims to reduce the waste and increase the value of every dollar spent on projects resulting in realisation of greater than 100% value for every dollar spent
Capture & Reutilize IP

Capture and retain key project insights. Facilitate simplification of knowledge transfer. Leverage previous investments to gain greater value.

Continuous Improvement

Drive a culture of improvement and instantly apply lessons learned to frameworks, rules and policies to all projects.

Strong Foundations

Quickly establish a strong project foundation based on your best practices through application of scenario based indexing.

Consistent application

Drive quality through consistent application of methods and practices via systematic application.

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