Change Leadership Summit

Pro SMART will be co-hosting the Change Leadership Summit – Creating a Culture of Sustainable Change, on the 9th of June 2016.

The only thing that is constant in business is change. However, organisations are still unable to lead change successfully! Research statistics from McKinsey & Co., Harvard, IBM and Towers Watson all point to the fact that only 30% of change initiatives succeed. These results haven’t changed in the last 40 years.

So what needs to change?

Delivering sustainable change is complex. And it won’t always go to plan. However, often it is not the tangible outcomes that are our greatest challenge – it is having a change ready culture and the most effective leadership so sustainable change is secured.

A new competitor, a new platform, or a new way of working can pop up ‘seemingly’ overnight and ‘take off’ with such force that if you are not able to adapt with the same velocity or better than your competitors, you find yourself lagging behind. Continually trying to play catch-up or scrambling to find a new competitive advantage and bring it to market isn’t a long term, successful business strategy.

At this highly interactive event, our objective is to challenge your thinking around how to lead change effectively. We want to inspire you with stories of great leadership and cutting edge thought leadership that have created change ready and agile organisations.

Join us and many great leaders from around the country for this thought provoking day.
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