supersmartPro SMART Tools is a patent pending, online cloud based project process automation tool, that effectively utilises prior project experience and methods to quickly and easily kick start a project.

Pro SMART Tools is not a project or portfolio management tool and it is much more than a knowledge library or process management tool.

It aims to revolutionise the way organisations run projects so that they can consistently deliver high quality, low cost and low risk projects.

For Organisations, Pro SMART Tools reduces the risk and cost to deliver projects through creating efficiencies, easily disseminating and retaining knowledge and lessons learned and enabling effective yet flexible governance.

For Project Professionals, Pro SMART Tools removes tedious tasks, provides you with comprehensive and relevant project planning information, reduces the time from on-board to effective and enables you to spend time on the value add tasks.



Why You Need Pro SMART Tools



Making The Complex Simple

Governance frameworks, methodology, policy, business rules and the list goes on. All of these add complexity to your project environment, leaving room for error.

Systematically applying the rules of your organisation to each project scenario ensures compliance, reduces risk and simplifies an otherwise complex environment for the user.


Increase Project ROI

With studies showing that on average 11% of project spend is wasted due to poor performance, leveraging your successes becomes even more important.

Leverage the investment from each project on the next to achieve a greater return on investment. No longer is a project a ‘one time investment’.


Learn & Share With Ease

Capturing key insights before they walk out the door and enabling easy transference of knowledge to new starters not only retains knowledge but reduces the risk of a transient workforce.

Building a culture and systems to support the application of lessons learned increases quality and reduces the likelihood of failure.


Reduce Risk & Increase Quality

The ability to create a strong comprehensive foundation, and quickly, will reduce risks and costs.

Through consistent application of successful approaches the quality of the delivery and the outcomes increases and improves stakeholder support and buy-in.


Creating A Step Change

shareCapture & Re-utilize IP

Capture and retain key project insights. Facilitate simplification of knowledge transfer. Leverage previous investments to gain greater value.


reuseContinuous Improvement

Drive a culture of improvement and instantly apply lessons learned to frameworks, rules and policies to all projects.


buildingStrong Foundations

Quickly establish a strong project foundation based on your best practices through application of scenario based indexing.



Consistent application

Drive quality through consistent application of methods and practices via systematic application.




Pro SMART Tools outputs currently integrate with Microsoft Project and Office products.

Talk to us about integrating with your Project Management Tools.