Your Monday Morning Challenge! Are you up for it?

Eliminate, Automate, Delegate


Create the life and the business you want and dream of with these simple techniques.

Let’s start with Eliminate.
This one can often be the hardest for people to grasp and wrap their minds around.

But everything I do is super dooper important I hear you say.
Well let me give you a way of working that out.

Is that activity directly related to your business making money or you doing what you are most passionate about?

If you are running a business and you are looking to increase revenue I would say the former is the most important measure.
Is that activity directly making you money. Can you prove that activity is directly making you money.

What do I mean by that.
Well lets say this week you wrote 50 social media posts because down the line they will help make you money.

Compare that activity to if you were in a sales meeting or on a sales call. That you can categorically say is directly related to you making money.

A sales meeting is a much higher value activity for your business.

For 1-2 weeks or even a month I challenge you to eliminating something from your week that does not directly make you money and replace it with something that does and see what a difference in results you get.

If you can’t bring yourself to stop something for even a short period of time, reduce it. What if you only wrote 15 posts?

Let me know how you go, I’d love to hear all about it.


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