Projects Set-up in SECONDS NOT Days

Remove costly time consuming tasks and let the team get on with doing what they do best, designing and implementing great solutions. 

Reduce time, cost and risk and increase quality and transparency.

The PMO has the power to be a value adding division. Responsible for positively impacting the bottom line; not a policing function making sure all the boxes are ticked, that everyone resents.

The Pressure To Change Quickly Is Increasing...

Delivering change is becoming more expensive and complex, while the pressure to change quickly is ever increasing.

This continues to put increased pressure on limited resources.

Companies are becoming more aware of of the need to be more efficient, enabling not only survival but sustainability.

The PMO now needs to demonstrate their value through innovative technology that directly impacts the bottom line.


Take the richness and complexity of your organisations methods and frameworks and through automation simplify the project set-up process so anyone can hit the ground running, Day 1!


Don't get bogged down in the monotony of project set-up, cutting corners and impacting quality just to hit timeframes. Streamline the initial phases of the project, so team members can get on with adding value.


Automatically include all obligations from Policy and Regulations to Methodology and Standards at the time of set-up. Ensuring ease of compliance, every time.

Ongoing ROI

Utilize the knowledge, know-how and IP you have invested so much time and money in, in every project. Creating an ongoing return on investment.

Things Are Just Simpler With ProSMART

2 days (4 FTE’s effort) reduced to 20 minutes

In a workshop with an International Consulting Firm, we put the ProSMART solution to the test...

What would take 4 days man effort during a tender, took us 20 minutes with:

  • Deeper insights to share with the clients
  • An end Product that you can kick the project off with immediately
  • Detailed analysis to cost the tender
  • A comprehensive end-to-end tool set to discuss and present to the client
  • Demonstration of depth of knowledge through completeness of outputs
It's awesome!!
We use this platform to manage our major fundraiser for the year. Our volunteers have everything they need to organise their area right from the beginning and it's no longer all in my head!
This allows us to hand over the management of each area to a different person each year with minimal training.
As volunteers, time saving measures are crucial!
This program has streamlined our event and made organisation seamless. Working with Lou and her team is a breeze.
Highly recommend the product and the team.
Janelle Jordaon
Event Co-ordinator - Mimosa Fireworks Carnival

Want to know how to slash 50% from your project costs?

I wrote a book about it...

If you are looking for new and innovative strategies that will put you on the fast track to project success along with strategies you can implement straight away to lower your project delivery costs, this book will be your guide.

Expand The Time You Have To Innovate

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