Why we started ProSMART 

Having spent many years transforming businesses we saw a need to create a different mindset to how a business should operate to create a thriving business ecosystem. 

The business bro down of yesterday is not enough to keep a business alive anymore. What we saw was that the way businesses manage and run day to day operations and change initiatives is generally inefficient and riddled with waste. 

Waste of resources, waste of knowledge, waste of skills, waste of time, which boils down to a big fat waste of money. 

We live in a time poor society, everyone is scrambling, constantly searching for the next big win. Somewhere along the way we lost our humanity. In all this technology and social media we lost track of what makes people and therefore our businesses thrive. What our people want is to experience working for a company that empowers them to be autonomous and values them, for everything that they are. 

Your business ecosystem will thrive if you build your business to leverage all that is available to you: 

  • Effectively using yours and your teams time; 
  • Leveraging and preserving your know-how and IP that is currently embedded in the heads of your people; 
  • Building a culture that has the customer and simplicity as the centre of all you do; 
  • Creating efficiency and connecting with technology (you can’t avoid it anymore); 
  • Creating an ecosystem that enables you to take on opportunities as they arise. 

We want to see a new type of business. One that can live long and be anything it wants to be. 

We see ourselves as an enabler that helps the businesses of the world bring better outcomes for people, the environment and communities. Because we can! 

“I have spent my entire career delivering change for customers and their teams. I love it!I am passionate about finding innovative and streamlined ways to leverage past experiences to create the best outcomes for the people involved. By continually challenging and building upon our knowledge and effectively applying our lessons, we empower our people to add more value and open up opportunities for innovation and creativity.” 

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